My shows have been kinda vanilla lately. So I haven’t really had anything to write about. However I have been getting allot of request for CEI. For those of you who don’t know CEI stands for Cum Eating Instructions. That’s right, guys want us cam girls to give them instructions on how to eat their cum. Sounds crazy I know, but hey, we are here to make them happy.

I’ll be honest once the guys cums, I don’t even need to give them instructions, they go to town all on their own. I have seen it eaten many ways. This past week I had someone cum into a shot glass and swallow it down like a shot of whiskey. Some like to cum on their stomachs and stick a finger into it , like stealing icing from a cake, while some will cum into their palm and lap it up like a dog.

Either way, allot of guys like to eat their own cum. Way more then you would think. I don’t really have an opinion on it. Eat it, don’t eat it, makes no difference to me.

Until next time




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