How Far Will They Go?

So I often wonder how far some guys are going to go. I mean they start off watching porn, then porn isn’t enough, so they start going to see cam models. When they start, mutual masturbation is enough and that seems to work for a little while. However over time that doesn’t do the job anymore, so they want to push it with role plays or taboo.

I have one guy that has been coming to see me since the beginning , I like to think we are friends. We talk about all kinds of things, its not always about a “show”. We have played many times and he is allot of fun, however lately he has started to experiment by himself .

This morning he came to show me what he has been practicing. Now let me remind you that he used to be a “vanilla” guy. Well today he was laying on his back with his legs spread and stuck a rather long vibrator in his ass and jerked off for me. It didn’t take him long to cum . I do like that he shared his new found position with me … what will he do next?

Until next time




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