So if you know me at all by now, you would see that I don’t do allot of cuckhold. I’m more of the submissive type, but anyway…

I had a little cuck boy come into my room last night. He wanted me to dominate him so I did just that. We went to show, he had on a lace green dress, he was also on the app Grinder looking for a little action. We found him someone to play with and he messaged the guy. They were going to meet up after the guy brought his girlfriend homeHowever in the meantime I had him on his knees and he had a little problem keeping his dick from getting hard, so I asked him to duct tape it to his leg. He told me he had a chastity cock cage and asked me if I would like him to put it on, I said yes of course. While he was on his knees with his cock caged, I told him to lick the bottoms of my feet. He left shortly after I said that. I hope his hook up went well.

Until next time …






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