So let me just put this out there. I do role play shows all of the time, mainly consisting of the mom/son kind. As a contractor for Streamate, I’m not allowed to play with or pretend to play with anyone under the age of 18 years old. Which so far as not been a problem ….until the other night!!

So I went to show with someone who wanted to do a role play show, ok no big deal. He then asked me what my limits were? I told him that I was not allowed to say a number ( meaning age) but he could type whatever he wanted and we could go from there. He wanted me to play a single digit female….yikes!!! I said I couldn’t do that. He then started to tell me that he had been with a younger female and wanted to show me. I told him straight out that I did NOT want to see anything like that, and if he showed me, I would have to report him. He logged off right after I said that.

I like to think he was just lying about the whole thing, but you never know. I’m sharing this fucked up story because, maybe he was lying , maybe he wasn’t, the whole thing left me feeling fucked up.

For those of you who think this type of work is easy…. well it’s not!

Until next time




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