Hammer Time

I could not wait to write about this mornings show. I was like WTF!!!! OK, so this one guy always comes in my room and talks about how he had to leave his house for the day because some guy was coming over to fuck his wife and his aunt. I do talk to him, but he is one who never goes to show or tips even $1, nothing from this dude and he has been coming into my room for months and just hanging out. I mean I don’t mind talking to guys, but its not a hang out. 

  All of a sudden he takes me to show and turns on his cam. He is squatting down with a wooden hammer  in his ass , I mean the whole handle!!!! My 1st thought was OMG he is going to get a splinter deep in his ass and need to go to the ER.  He rode it for about 30 seconds and then logged off.  I don’t even know what to say!

Until next time




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