What Did I Just Watch?

So I know it’s been a while since I’ve had a good cam story to share, but its been very vanilla lately. I’m going to be honest its a nice change, well until tonight.

So its always the new ones that I’ve never seen in my room before, that end up being a bit out there. So this guy asked me if I’d like to see him eat his own cum. I said, I would love to! It wouldn’t be the 1st time I’ve seen that being done.

Now let me give you a visual. He turns on his cam, he is a middle age man, in pink thigh high stocking with pink panties on ( so far very normal) he is in what looks to be a little girls room. Pink walls and stuffed animals ect. He next climbs into a toddlers playpen with a bottle of baby oil. He pours the entire bottle over his head and begins to rub it all over him self. Mean while I’m just watching him, he never asked me to do anything. He then puts on a condom and jerks off into it. He came in less then 20 seconds.  He takes it off his cock and blows it up like a balloon and holds it over his mouth and lets his cum drip on to his tongue. 

Until next time




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