Most Requested

So lets talk about it! Many times in public chat I get asked about what goes on in my cam shows. I figured I would share some of the most requested things that guys want to see/do.

  1. Tits, that’s right! Men are visual creatures, they love to see a nice pair in their face.
  2. Ass, they can’t resist  it! I’m a thick girl and they love my juicy booty.
  3. Dirty Talk, hearing me talk about how I would suck their cock is a huge turn on for them.
  4. High Heels, I too love how I look in high heels, so I get it!
  5. Cock, talking about other guys cocks , such as length/girth or rating their own.


Most requested position… they love to watch me ride my toy, I guess its my tits bouncing and the way I grind on it. I’m not really sure.

Most requested type of role play… mom son hands down. Boys want mommy to teach them how to feel good.


As a side note allot of  guys like a shaved pussy, but I do have to say that around 25% would love to see a hairy bush.


Until next time




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