Sweater Weather

I know the weather is changing for most of the country, however its still beautiful down south. Anyway… last week I had a new to my room guy pop in and take me to show rather quickly.  He came in and said hello and then wanted me to get all of the sweaters that I owned, and any knee socks that I had. Seeing I live in Florida, my sweater collection is not very big.

I did have a few, so when I came back into view, he just wanted me to try the sweaters on and lay on the bed, seemed easy enough. I was trying on my 2nd sweater, when he got really excited and said “that’s the one” he then instructed me to get on my knees on the bed,   (remember I have knee socks and a big gray turtleneck sweater on) he just wanted me to bounce up and down. I did that for a few mins and he said thank you and left.

I’m thinking he liked the way tits bounced in a sweater, I don’t know? Hey it was his show and I was happy to help.


Until next time




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