Mommy Issues

So like I have said many times before, not all of my cam shows involve me masturbating or getting naked for that matter. I had a show this past week with a guy who wanted to tell me about the week he spent with his mother.

Let me 1st tell you that he is 33 and she is 55 years old. He was visiting her, and took a nap in her bed one afternoon and she joined a few mins later. He said he spooned her and he could feel her push her ass into his cock. So we all know where this was going. He told me he had sex with his mother for the entire week, before breakfast , in the shower, blowjobs before dinner ect.

I just sat there listening to him tell me what happen. He asked if I wanted to see pictures of him and his mother having sex? Well of course I said yes! I mean…. I can be a perv sometimes too.  So he turns on his cam and takes out his phone, sure enough there she was (Mom) naked and having sex with him.  Once he showed me the picture he logged off.

I think he just wanted to tell someone about his mommy conquest, but we all know he should of taken that one to the grave, or better yet tell a cam girl…lol

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