That Time Of The Month

I started this blog as a way of sharing my camming experiences. I have always been 100% honest about what happens, the only thing I change is the name of the person, its a small world, you just never know who is reading my post.

Last night I had  someone take me to show right as soon as he came in my room. He wanted to talk about his fetish with me. I wasn’t expecting to hear what came out of his mouth.

He had a fetish for maxi pads! So of course I asked what he liked about them he said he liked how they feel and the smell of them. He then told me he liked to pretend he was on his period and wear them. I aske him if he ever peed in them, and he said yes and when he did he felt dirty. He asked me if I used them and I told him the truth and said I didn’t. He logged off.

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