Money Can’t Buy Me Love or Can It?

This post is going to be a bit off from what I would normally write about. I feel  like I need/want to start talking about other aspects of the camming world.  It’s not all orgasms and blow jobs, it can sometimes go a bit to far.

I have been camming on and off for two years now. At 1st it was very part-time, just a couple of hours a week, two years later I would say this is a where the majority of my money comes from. I do have a small side business that I run out of my home as well.

Ok, let’s get into it! There are many reasons why guys come see us cam girls:

  1. Married and not getting any
  2. Too shy to talk to girls
  3. Horny all of the time
  4. Lonely

I’m sure there are more that I can’t think of, however over time some of the guys can become obsessed and spend a lot of time and money on her, to the point where they develop real feelings for their favorite cam girl. Which can lead to jealousy and other problems. Now don’t get me wrong, I have my favorites as well, but I know to keep it on a professional level and nothing more.

I had someone last week tell me that he couldn’t come see me anymore because he was having bad things happen in his life and he thought it was bad karma because he was lying to his wife about his camming. The last thing he said to me was I love you Lara….yikes!!!!

Most cam girls provide a fantasy that can be fun and exciting, when it’s over we both go back to our own realities. We are not using camming to find a man to fuck or date.

Until next time




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