The Beast Inside


I know Halloween is right around the corner, so I don’t know if this guy is just really into the holiday or he feels he has the beast inside him. I’ll call him “Steve”, he comes into my room on a regular, he likes to talk sexy and tell me what the beast would like to do to me.  I never really take him that serious until he took me to a show the other day.

We went to show and he asked me to change into something that I wouldn’t mind ripping off of myself. He asked me to stand against the wall with my hands above my head, I was to act like he was clawing at my body and ripping my top off.  I was to spread my legs and act like I was fighting him off. Kinda like being raped by a beast, because he kept telling me that it wasn’t him doing this it was the beast inside him. Next he said the beast is going to impregnate you, and I was to continue to try and fight him off.

The whole thing was so bizarre, being raped a some sort of animal beast…

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