Big Baby

Like I have said before, it amazes me what turns on some men. This past week I had a new to my room guy come see me. We talked for a few mins about nothing really. I knew from his name that he was into the adult baby thing.  He asked if I was OK with him playing the role of a toddler and that he just wanted to breastfeed and be talked to like a baby. I had never done a show like that, so I figured I would give it a try.

He took me to show and called me and turned on his camera so I could see him . He wanted me (mommy) to feed him. I took out my nipple and he got all excited reaching up at the camera, I put my nipple right up to the camera and he began to make sucking sounds. He then wanted me to tell him what a good boy he was, while he continued to suck on my nipple. I took my nipple away from him, just to see how he would react and he started to cry, so I gave it back to him. Two seconds later he left. I guess he got what he needed.

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