Look What I Can Do!

I have been away from blogging for a few weeks. However that doesn’t mean I don’t have cam stories to share.

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. It all happened really quickly. He came into my public room, never said a word and took me to show right away. I asked him his name and what he had in mind for us? Still nothing. He then turned on his camera for me to watch him. What I saw was a younger guy, almost folded in half jerking off with his cock  hanging over his mouth.

I knew he wanted me to encourage him to continue with what he was doing. So I did! I told him to open up nice and wide and  try and put his cock into his mouth, to my surprise he was able to do it! He was sucking his own cock! I wanted to applaud…lol

Then he pulled it out of his mouth and cam all over his lips, it was a sight to see. I didn’t even get undressed, I think he just wanted to show off his new found skill.

Until next time




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