Most of my blogs are about what goes on in my cam shows, however todays post is a little bit different. I know that guys/girls come to cam sites for different reasons. Some just need a naked body to jerk off to, while others need/want a three-ring circus.

This past week I had some strange request that I turned down because there are just some things I’m not going to do on cam.


As you can see above, someone asked me if I would shit for him in a show….WTF Really!?


This guy wanted me to stick my straw from my drink behind me in my pussy. I can’t make this shit up!

I know some girls out there will do anything to make that money. Some will fuck themselves with a bowling pin or fuck their bedpost. Hey that’s great, however a lot of cam girls are NOT going to do all that crazy shit!

I do pretty normal shows for the most part, I’m not a circus animal, I’m not going to do tricks for you, because soon the tricks I do, won’t be enough and they will want/need it to be more extreme.

Until next time




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