Got Milk?

Seeing I’m a 38 year old MILF, who had her only child 20 years ago, I never expected what happened in a recent show to happen. So my show was with one of my regular guys that I do shows with. I like him because he knows what he wants and never makes me feel bad about what we are doing.

He is very dominant with me and I love that. On this day he wanted me to get naked and sit there with a dildo inserted inside me, and both hands working really hard on my nipples. He told me to knead my tits and squeeze my nipples. He said my nipples needed to know who was the boss.

Everything was going along fine until all of a sudden , I noticed one of my hands felt wet. I looked down and my nipple was leaking a white milky looking fluid. I stopped what I was doing and started laughing. I told him that I think I’m leaking out my nipple! He was very pleased and tipped me $25 bucks….yay me!

Until next time





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