Spit On Them

So I had a regular come and see me the other day. We kinda do the same thing every time, his decision not mine. Well I guess he has been doing shows with some other models and found out that he likes something new, and wanted us to try it.

I’m game for most things, as long as it isn’t ass play. All he wanted me to do was take my top off and spit all over my tits. Seems easy enough right? However I don’t produce allot of saliva, I never have. I really wished  he would of asked me 1st and I would of probably told him that I may not be the best model for this type of show. I did the best I could and he did cum. It was so messy, and spit was everywhere, I told him next time he wanted a spit show, to go find the other model who turned him on to it…haha

Until next time





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