Do I Need To Be Here?

So every once in a while, I ask myself why am I here? Let me explain. Today I did a show and the person that I was in show with really didn’t need me to help him get off.

He is someone that I have done many shows with in the past, and they are mom/son type of shows, because he wants to fuck his real mom so bad. So I haven’t seen him in a couple of months, today he takes me to show and starts to show me pictures of this older lady in her bra and panties.  It was his real mom, he stole pictures from her phone and was showing them to me while he jerked off into her underwear. He only wanted me to take my tits out and talk about how bad he wanted to have sex with her, and different things he could do with her.  I really think he could of just jerked off to her pictures seeing he wasn’t looking at me , he was looking at his mom on his phone. However I hope I helped make it easier for him.

Until next time






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