Panties Panties Everywhere

I see all types of things as a cam model, but I don’t understand why men like wearing their wives/girlfriends/own cute panties.

I would say out of every 10 shows I do, at least 5 of them, men are wearing or jerking off into a pair of women’s panties. Some are full cotton briefs and others are straight up G-strings. I have to be honest here and say I’m not a huge fan of G-string panties, I find them to be a bit uncomfortable, however some guys wear them like a champ…lol

I have asked a few of the guys what they liked about wearing the panties, some say they like the silky feel of them on their balls and others say it makes them feel pretty.  Its funny because I have a few pairs of men style briefs  and they are some of my favorite pairs of underwear. It truly amazes me!


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