Hold The Mayo Please





After camming for over one year, I can say that I’ve seen and heard some shit. This past week I had a new to my room guy take me to show. He was young ( maybe 26-28) super friendly and nice to me. He wanted to cam to cam, which is a favorite of mine. I like to watch just as much as much as the guys like to watch. In case you don’t know, cam to cam is when they turn on their camera and you can watch each other.

So it started out very normal , he was in his bathroom naked…..all pretty standard stuff. However what he had in his bathroom with him for the show was a bit odd to me. It looked like he took every condiment from inside the refrigerator into the bathroom with him. Ok I’m game, I wanted to see where this was going to go.

He asked me to get naked. Then he wanted me to tell him which food item  I wanted him to use on his cock to jerk-off with.  I was like ok this is going to be fun….lol

As we went thur the items, he asked if I liked to watch guys play with their asshole, I was like whatever gets you off baby. So to my surprise he took a squeeze bottle of mayonnaise and squeezed it into his asshole, and then pushed it all out a few seconds later. I didn’t know what to say after that, he cam and I was glad I could leave.

If I learned anything, its just say NO to guys and ass play when there is food around.





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