Bad Husband

I  don’t even know where to begin with “Steve”, he comes to see me either Saturday or Sunday mornings. He lives in California and he is happily married.  He loves to take risks and lately he wants to push the risk factor more and more.

Our 1st time together he wanted to do something I never did during a show before. He wanted to cam to cam so I could see his wife sleeping right next to him while he jerked off to me . I’m not going to lie the thought of him risking getting caught was such a turn on, I mean I had nothing to lose .

He propped his laptop on his bed so I could see his hard cock and a shape of a body under the covers not more then a foot away from him, with his earphones in so he didn’t wake his wife with our dirty talk and my loud moans, we would play for at least 10 mins (brave man).

Its been almost a year of  our risky play, he likes to watch me from his recliner , claiming to be doing the banking, while the wifey  is sitting on the couch or he takes me with him into the shower…its completely crazy and oh so hot!





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