How Much Cum…20ml

It’s funny how over time you can really become super friendly with a cam fan, to the point  you start asking them to do crazy things and they are more then happy too.

John has been cumming to see me for some time now. He liked our play time to be somewhat normal, mutual masturbation and always cam to cam. I love watching the guys cum for me, however John was a bit different. He would cum so much, I mean it seemed like it never stopped oozing out.

So one day I asked him if he had a small measuring cup that he could cum into so we could see how much he actually came. He didn’t have one that day, but you better believe the next time he took me to show , he was ready with a small measuring cup ready to fill it up for me. I couldn’t believe he remember and was willing to do it.

We both made a bet about the how much he could fill it before we started to play. Well to both of our surprises, he filled that cup up.

I still laugh when I think about it…lol




Actual Pic



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