Mama’s Boy, My 1st Taboo Show


I should have know from his screen name that this was going to be a different type of show. Mama’s Boy came into my room and asked if I was into taboo role play? I said yes because I knew that was a popular role play and I knew I had to start doing it at some point so why the fuck not now.

He name was Paul maybe 26 years old, he began to tell me that he had a crush on his real mother and stole a pair of her panties. My 1st thought was he was going to put them on, but I was wrong. He wrapped his moms panties around his cock while he was jerking off. He want to watch mommy undress, and then call him over to touch mommy in her naughty places. He wanted me to be forceful with him and make him fuck me. He would say things like “mommy my cock feels funny” and mommy my cock feels so warm and wet inside you. He came into his moms panties and then rolled them up in a ball, I didn’t want to ask why, some things are better not knowing.

I have to admit it was really weird and uncomfortable at 1st, but as time went on its no different then any other cam show. I guess I did alright for my 1st taboo mom/son role play because he comes to play with mommy all of the time.






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